7 Great Tips to Care for Your Senior Dog


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Caring for a senior dog requires a slightly different approach than caring for a younger pup. Older dogs may need extra attention and care due to joint pain, arthritis, and other health issues that may arise.

Senior Dog

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to be aware of the changes your senior dog may experience and take steps to ensure they are comfortable and happy in their golden years.

Here are 7 great tips to help you care for your senior dog.

1. Stop Slips!

Remove extra hair between the pads of the feet, with round end scissors or small clippers, to ensure more tracking and less slipping!


2. Fresh & Flexible!

Keep the bottom of the paws moisturized to give them maximum flexibility and traction, you can massage it in with a paw therapy cream (by Jorge Bendersky at M Boutique) to keep the paw surface fresh and flexible.

3. TLC! Brush time is massage time!

Brushing not only removes the dead hair and makes them look and feel beautiful but it also reactivates the circulation of the hips.

Plus, regular brushing helps to loosen up the muscles before the dog park. Try a curry rubber brush.

4. Walk don’t run!

If you are going to take your senior dog to an off-leash park, try walking them on leash for a while to warm up their muscles.

Stretching and pacing your dog will help ease them them into the pack to put less stress on their aging joints.

Senior Dog

5. Short and sweet!

Running or walking on pavement with long nails is the equivalent of running with rocks in your shoes. It is uncomfortable for your dog and keeping your dog’s nails short can help prevent back injuries.

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6. Keep them close!

Avoid retractable leashes; they create a false sense of freedom. Finding the end of the leash while they are mid-leap can lead to discomfort and injury.

7. Bladder control!

Be aware that your dog‘s bathroom visits may need to be more frequent. Increase the bathroom breaks when going shopping with your dog. You wouldn’t want to miss a sale!

Contribution by Celebrity Dog Groomer Jorge Bendersky

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