How To Use An Indoor Dog Potty To Housetrain Your Pup

Trying to housetrain your pup but keep being surprised with minor wee stains all around the house? Well, join the club! All of us pet parents have had to go through that phase at some point in our lives.

And speaking from experience, it can sometimes be quite a frustrating process. But we’re here to assure you that you will get through it. And the more you are around to help your pup go for bathroom breaks, the faster they will pick up on their potty training.

But, some of you may be wondering what you can do if you aren’t around all the time. You could be busy because of work, taking care of the kids, or maybe occupied by some other urgent responsibilities. This is where setting up an indoor dog potty in your home will come in handy.

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You can use this reserved space to teach your pooch where the right place to do their business is. Soon enough, they’ll get used to it, and you can confidently leave them alone to wander around the house without fear of being greeted with a fresh urine smell when you get back.



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How To Set Up An Indoor Dog Potty

1. Set up their living quarters: The first thing you need to do is to close off a specific part of your home that has easy-to-clean floors, then place all the necessities your dog may need there. This includes their water bowl, squeaky toys, etc.

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2. Place the indoor dog potty: Once the area is established, you can set up the indoor dog potty in that section of the house. You can also line it with whatever your pooch feels comfortable doing their business around. Some dogs feel more comfortable doing the deed on something they are already familiar with. In which case, adding things like gravel or bark chips may help expedite the process.

3. Maintain a schedule: Follow the same potty training routine in the mornings and evenings. You can do this for a couple of weeks until they get the hang of it. This housetraining process may take a bit longer if you want them to learn how to pee indoors and outdoors.

Expert Tips for Housetraining Your Pup to Use An Indoor Potty

What is an Indoor Dog Potty?

As much as we hate to break it to you, it must be said. The housetraining process will not always be an entirely straightforward one. Some pets can be more stubborn than others, so it can often be more of a trial and error process till you find the right trigger.

But, as we said, it can take time, so you just need a little bit of patience. Here are some valuable tips to help speed up the process.

1. Begin Training Early: If your pooch is still young, then training them as early as possible is the best way to get the ball rolling in the right direction. But if you have adopted a slightly older dog, then point them in the right direction from the moment they arrive home.

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2. Get Acquainted With Their Bathroom Routines: Most canines will have a specific potty routine specific to each of them. The sooner you recognize what that is, the faster the training process can progress. This means keeping track of when they like to use the bathroom. For some, it could be early in the morning, in the evening, before or after meals, etc. This will allow you to effectively build a routine that matches their patterns.

3. Provide Positive Reinforcement: You are bound to end up frustrated at some point in this journey with your pup. It’s a given. But, you need to make sure that you keep providing positive reinforcement every time they use their indoor potty. This means providing encouragement with pats, belly rubs and treats every once in a while. This should help you get to the end of training even quicker!

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