What Is The Purpose Of A Belly Band For Dogs?

Have you ever used belly bands for dogs? Having a dog is very cool.. that is until he starts peeing in every corner of your house plus you have to clean the mess every time.

I mean, they’re still cool and you don’t need to kick out your beloved pooch just because they peed; instead, find a solution to tackle this issue. Good thing belly bands for dogs were invented!

Dog belly bands are used to control the indoor peeing habits of your male dog. These can help you start potty training your dog.


Best Dog Belly Bands for Dogs of All Sizes!

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What Are Dog Belly Bands Made Up Of?

Brain training for dogs x

Belly band is a great potty training tool commonly designed for male dogs. The band is a piece of cloth that wraps your dog’s mid-section to prevent them from peeing or soiling indoors – just like a baby diaper. Most fur-parents choose reusable belly bands and buy disposable liners which can be discarded effortlessly. However, some have been creative and used sanitary napkins and even infant diapers instead of liners.

How To Use A Belly Band For Potty Training

Belly bands for dogs make for the perfect training aids for any adult dog or pups that could be struggling to understand the concept of “right and wrong” place to pee. Follow these tips to help bolster proper potty practices:

  • Regularly take your dog outside. Be sure to remove the band and give your dog some treats whenever they successfully urinate outside.
  • Wear belly band indoors. The idea behind this concept is that if your fur baby end up soiling themselves indoors, it would result to damp feeling. This creates an unpleasant experience that forces your dog to avoid urinating while the belly band is still strapped to his waist.
  • Always check if they’re ready to forego the belly band altogether. From time to time you can let your dog stay indoors without the band to assess whether or not they have learned to avoid urinating indoors. If they don’t pee inside, then, congratulations, you have a potty-trained dog! Keep in mind that little ‘accidents’ can still happen from time to time, though.
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Is It Time For Your Dog To Stop Wearing Belly Bands?

You’ll know when it’s time to start testing whether your dog can go without any belly band when his band stays dry throughout most of the day.

When you notice that your pup has more confidence without any band on and he is even signaling when it’s time to go outside to potty, it might make sense for you to allow him more freedom to roam around without wearing a belly band.

You can always check whether he has learned not to pee on the floors or rugs. On the off chance that he has an accident and pees in the house you can return to using a belly band for a short period of time. If all works out in a good way, you can eventually quit utilizing the dog belly band.

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