Meet Jake: Dierks Bentley Dog Is Flying High


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Dierks Bentley Dog is a beloved canine companion of the American country music singer, Dierks Bentley, who often shares photos and stories of his furry friend on social media.

Dierks Bentley Dog

This morning when I was out with Kobi, we met Jake, Dierks Bentley’s dog. Jake was with his handler, who was super nice. They flew in to be on The View talk show in New York.

I wish I had my iPhone with me to take a photo, but alas, all I had was a leash and poop bags.

Jake was super cute and very patriotic wearing his American flag bandana. Jake has a beautiful coat and was so well mannered!

His handler mentioned that Jake was super lucky because he got a proper seat on the plane ride to NYC – typically a dog of that size would be too big as airline cabin requirements only allow dogs that are 20 lbs or less.

Jake was having fun walking around the streets of NYC, but searching for some grass to do his “business”. Totally understandable as he’s a country dog.

I told them they would have better luck going a bit more south to Battery Park.

Hope you can all tune in to see Jake and Dierks on The View. Apparently, Margaret Cho guest co-hosts with “Guy Day Friday” guest co-host and musical guest Dierks Bentley! 

The Dierks Bentley dog appearance was for the View’s annual “Mutt Show,” featuring viewers’ mutts and adoptable mutts from the ASPCA.

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