Nature Spa UV Pet Fountain

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Nature Spa UV Pet Fountain

For the dog that deserves the latest in technology, UV natureSPA Fountain by AVPpet is a state of the art, modern pet fountain.

Developed by American Valley Pet, the Nature Spa Pet Fountain / Watering Station circulates water through a submersible pump to produce a stream of flowing water for pets.  Designed for smaller dogs, the water fountain offers Ultra Violet water filtration, a low water shut-off and a blue LED light for nighttime visibility. Water flows at a set rate through UV chamber to maintain the UV cleaning power reducing micro-organisms and bacteria and resulting in high quality clean, clear water.

Staying hydrated is important for all pets and fresh, circulating water encourages your dog to drink more water. A healthy dog typically needs about one-half to a full ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Dogs who eat dry food need to consume a little more water than those who eat wet dog food, which provides more moisture. Puppies need even more water to stay fit and healthy.

The patented, simple design operates on low voltage and has an energy saving pump. It’s also easy to clean and BPA free.
Low water shut-off.
Replaceable charcoal filter.