When Should You Buy a Dog Belly Band (Aside from Housetraining)?

When Should You Buy a Dog Belly Band (Aside from Housetraining)? Dogsized

A dog belly band is a very useful product to have handy, especially when house training younger pups.  However this isn’t the only instance in which a belly band for dogs will come in handy.  There are a handful of reasons as to why dogs of any age may need to use a belly band.

Out and About

It doesn’t hurt to have them nearby when you’re taking your dog somewhere out in public like the vet or pet store.  And it really doesn’t hurt to have one at the ready when you and your furry friend are in someone else’s home.  No matter how well trained a dog is, accidents can still happen.  A female dog who hasn’t been spayed can definitely benefit from wearing one around male dogs at daycare or in the dog park, but that has nothing to do with bladder. 

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Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is difficult to treat in humans and pets alike.  When dogs are experiencing separation anxiety they may urinate or defecate when their owner or guardian is away.  A belly band for dogs certainly isn’t enough to alleviate them of their psychological troubles, it makes a lot less messier.

Here Are Two Belly Band Options:

Urinary Tract Infections

Dogs with a UTI or bladder infection might not experience ‘accidents’ per se, but dripping urine and frequent licking can be signs of a UTI.  If a dog who is housetrained starts having accidents all of sudden, this is also a sign that something is wrong with their bladder.  Using a belly band for dogs with incontinence due to medical conditions not only prevents the mess, it also protects the genitals from unclean surfaces like the ground or a dirty flood.  Contact with these could worsen the medical issue.


Housetraining is exactly what it sounds like, training a dog not to do their business in the house.  But when they’re outside dogs are very prone to ‘marking’ their territory, or using urine to leave their scent so other animals know that spot belongs to them.  No one wants their rosebush reeking of dog urine (or any kind of urine for that matter!).  A dog belly band not only prevents marking, it also discourages the behavior when they notice it’s ‘not working’ and they’re unable to mark things.  They may also do this inside the house when someone new enters, like another pet or even a newborn baby, because they perceive this ‘intruder’ as a potential threat.  It may be a good idea to get a belly band for dogs who struggle with the adjustment.

For house training, we recommend skipping the dog belly band and using the traditional crate method. Also, check out our Clean Up & Indoor Dog Potty section.


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