What You Should Know about Using Belly Band For Dogs


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When it comes to adopting dogs, it’s only inevitable that you will go through the frustrating phase of dealing with a dog that likes to pee in the house. I mean, it’s not a very pleasant experience to walk in your home and the first thing you smell is fresh urine from a small puddle that dear old Buddy so graciously left behind, am i right?! In fact, did you know that such repeated incidents tend to lead to many new owners returning their dogs to shelters each year? It’s a shocking statistic, but it’s true. This happens because some pets can prove to be extremely stubborn, as you try to potty train them. 

But, luckily for you, we have a quick and effective solution that’s just perfect to not only get rid of any new indoor messes… but also teach dear Buddy or Lassie, that peeing in the house is wrong!

Best Dog Belly Bands for Dogs of All Sizes!

The dog belly band is the ultimate solution that can help you combat home urination issues. They are somewhat similar to dog diapers and usually consist of an outer band that is wrapped around the dog’s waist secured using Velcro.

The dog belly band’s inner layer is designed with a highly absorbent microfiber lining that ensures the dog’s pee will not escape and end up on your floor. The inner layer is usually discarded when soiled and you can easily swap it with a clean one.

While they are mostly designed for male pets, you’ll be happy to know that there are also female belly bands for little Lassie that essentially serve the same purpose.

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Belly bands for dogs make for the perfect training aids for any adult dog or pups that could be struggling to understand the concept of “right and wrong” place to pee. Follow these tips to help bolster proper potty practices:

  • Regularly take your dog outside. Be sure to remove the band and give your dog some treats whenever they successfully urinate outside. 
  • Wear belly band indoors. The idea behind this concept is that if your fur baby end up soiling themselves indoors, it would result to damp feeling. This creates an unpleasant experience that forces your dog to avoid urinating while the belly band is still strapped to his waist. 
  • Always check if they’re ready to forego the belly band altogether. From time to time you can let your dog stay indoors without the band to assess whether or not they have learned to avoid urinating indoors. If they don’t pee inside, then, congratulations, you have a potty-trained dog! Keep in mind that little ‘accidents’ can still happen from time to time, though.

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