The Ultimate Dog Owners Guide for Summer Dogs

Hot weather dogs are dogs that love to bask in the warm sun and play in the water to beat the heat. Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with your furry friends. As the weather heats up, remember summer safety and keep your hot weather dogs safe and healthy!

Summer Dogs

It is important to remember that the hot weather can pose several risks to your dog‘s well-being. As a responsible owner, you must take precautions to keep your dog safe during the hot months.

Most canines will experience dehydration and even develop heat stroke in warmer weather if they don’t drink enough fluids.

An overly warm day can be tough on most dogs, but following simple tips and tricks can help your furry pals stay healthy, active, and happy throughout the season.

Stay Cool: Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Summer Dog Hydrated

As the summer heat approaches, it’s important to ensure that your furry friend stays hydrated and cool throughout the season.

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Dehydration can lead to serious health problems, such as kidney failure, so during long periods of summer dog care it’s essential to keep them well hydrated. Here are the top three things to keep your summer dog hydrated throughout the season.

Fresh, clean water

Make sure to always have fresh, clean water available to your dog at all times. Keep a bowl of water outside, and change it frequently to ensure it stays fresh.

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If you’re taking your dog on a walk or to the beach, be sure to bring a water bottle and a collapsible bowl that you can easily fill up for your furry friend. If you will be traveling where your dog won’t have access to clean water, it is best to leave dogs at home.

Tips for providing clean and fresh water

Providing fresh water to your pup throughout the day is crucial, especially during the hot summer months.

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Here are some tips to ensure that your furry friend has access to clean and fresh water:

  1. Always have a bowl of fresh water available. Ensure your dog’s water bowl is clean and filled with fresh, cool water. Change the water daily or more frequently if it becomes contaminated.
  2. Keep an eye on the water level. Dogs always need access to water, so ensure the water level is always full. This is especially important if you have multiple dogs at home.
  3. Provide multiple sources of water. Having multiple water sources available for your dog is always a good idea, especially if you have a big yard or are going on a long hike. Consider having water bowls in different locations throughout your house or yard.
  4. Bring water with you on walks or outings. If you’re going on a walk or hiking with your dog, bring a water bottle and a collapsible bowl to drink water whenever needed.
  5. Consider using a pet fountain. Pet fountains can provide constantly moving water, which can be more enticing to many dogs. This is a good option if you have a dog that’s fussy about drinking still water from a bowl.

Following these simple tips ensures that your pooch can always access fresh and clean water.

Hydrating snacks

Dogs need to stay hydrated like humans, especially in hot weather. Some snacks can help keep your dog hydrated while giving him or her tasty treats.

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Provide your dog with hydrating snacks such as watermelon or frozen blueberries. Dogs tend to enjoy these tasty treats and will get much-needed hydration. You can also make pup-sicles by freezing low-sodium chicken broth, which your dog will love.

How to make pup-sicles for Summer dogs

Making pup sicles and ice cubes is a fun and easy way to keep your pup cool and hydrated during summer. Here’s a simple recipe for homemade ice pup-sicles:


  • Low-sodium chicken broth
  • Water
  • Chopped carrots or other dog-friendly fruits/veggies (optional)


  1. Mix one part low-sodium chicken broth with one part water in a mixing bowl.
  2. If you want to add chopped veggies or fruits, mix them into the broth and water mixture.
  3. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays or pup-sicle molds.
  4. Freeze for at least 2-3 hours or until solid.
  5. Once frozen, pop the pup sicles out of the mold and serve!

You can experiment with different flavors by trying different types of low-sodium broths or even using plain yogurt as a base.

Be careful not to include any ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as grapes, onions, or chocolate. With these simple steps, you can easily make refreshing, cold pup sicles for your pup to enjoy during the hot summer months.

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Other Hydrating Dog Snack ideas

Here are some hydrating snacks to feed your pooch:

  1. Watermelon – this fruit is a delicious and healthy snack and full of water, making it great for hydrating. Just be sure to remove the seeds and rind them before feeding them to your dog.
  2. Cucumber – this vegetable is another great hydrating snack, and it’s low in calories and high in fiber. You can slice it up and feed it to your dog as it is or mix it in with a dog food or K9 diet.
  3. Apples – apples are a crunchy and refreshing snack for dogs, and they also pack a lot of water. Just be sure to remove the seeds and core before feeding them to your dog.
  4. Blueberries – these small berries are a fantastic source of antioxidants and hydration for your dog. Serve them as a frozen snack by mixing them with water and freezing them in ice cube trays.
  5. Carrots – these crunchy snacks are great for dogs’ teeth and can also help keep them hydrated. You can slice them up and serve them as treats or mix them into a summer salad for your pup.

By providing your animals and your pup with these hydrating snacks, you can help keep them cool and hydrated during the summer while providing them with a delicious and nutritious source of sustenance.

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Dog cooling mat

Consider investing in a dog cooling mat or a misting water bottle to keep your dog cool when out and about. A cooling mat is a great way for your dog to beat the heat while relaxing at home, and misting cool water from a bottle can provide a refreshing spritz of cold water to help cool your dog down quickly.

Dog cooling mats are special mats that are designed to help dogs stay cool in hot weather.

Within, we’ve shared a lot about cooling mats for dogs, and you can find many great posts and shopping guides about cooling mats.

Cooling mats give your dog something by absorbing heat from your dog’s body and dissipating it, which helps to keep your pooch comfortable. Here are some things to know about dog cooling mats:

come in different sizes:
  • These mats come in various sizes to fit different breeds and sizes of dogs. When selecting a cooling mat for your fur friend, consider their size and weight to ensure that the mat is appropriate for their needs.
don’t require electricity:
  • Unlike air conditioners or fans, dog cooling mats don’t require electricity. They work by absorbing heat from your dog’s body and dissipating it, which means they can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Because they don’t require electricity, dog cooling mats are easy to take with you wherever you go. You can bring them with you to the park, on an early morning hike, or even on vacation to help keep your dog safe on a warm day.
Easy to clean:
  • Most dog cooling mats are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or run them under water to remove dirt or debris.
Safe and non-toxic:
  • Cooling mats for dogs are generally safe and non-toxic, making them a great option for dog owners who want to help keep their fur friends cool and comfortable.

A cooling mat can help your dog beat the heat and prevent overheating or heatstroke, which can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Misting water bottles

A misting water bottle is designed to give your dog a refreshing mist to cool dogs down in warmer weather. These bottles work by spraying a fine mist of water onto your dog, which helps to evaporate heat and lower their body temperature.

Here are some things to know about misting water bottles for dogs:

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Easy to use:
  • Simply fill the bottle with water and then use the trigger mechanism to spray a fine mist of water onto your dog’s fur. The water will evaporate, which will help to cool your dog down.
They can be used on hot spots:
  • If your dog has a particular hot spot on their body, such as their paw pads or underbelly, you can use the misting water bottle to cool them down in that area.
  • Misting water bottles for dogs are usually affordable and can be purchased at most pet stores or online.


  • Misting water bottles for dogs are generally safe, but be sure not to spray too much water onto your dog, as this can lead to overhydration. Always supervise your dog when using the misting water bottle.

Using a misting water bottle can help keep your dog cool, safe, and comfortable in warmer weather, which can help prevent heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Choosing the Perfect Summer Gear for Your Pooch

Before planning outdoor adventures with your summer dog, it is important to ensure your canine is equipped with the right gear to keep them safe and comfortable in the summer heat.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect summer gear for your pooch.

Water Bottle and Bowl:
  • Staying hydrated is important for humans and hot weather dogs to help prevent heat stroke. Be sure to pack a water bottle and travel bowl for your pup when you head out on hikes or walks. Look for lightweight and durable options that are easy to carry and clean.
Collapsible Travel Crate:
  • If you plan on taking your pup on a road trip or camping, a collapsible travel crate can be a great option to keep them safe and secure. Opt for a well-ventilated crate that can also provide shelter from the sun.
Cooling Vest or Bandana:
  • Dogs can easily overheat in the summer, especially if they have thick coats. A cooling vest or bandana can be a great option to help your pooch regulate its body temperature. Look for vests or bandanas that can be soaked in water and provide long-lasting cooling effects.
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Paddling Pool:
  • Some dogs love to cool off by jumping in the water. A paddling pool can be a great way to keep your pup cool and entertained. Make sure to choose a durable pool of non-toxic materials that’s easy to set up and clean.

By choosing the right summer gear for your pooch, you can ensure they stay safe, comfortable, and happy during the hot days of your outdoor adventures. So, pack your bags, find a shady spot when needed, and take your furry friend out to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer!

Key Takeaways During Hot Temperatures

Having a summer safety plan for your canine is important as watching for signs of heatstroke in your pet, especially during warmer weather. One of the most obvious signs is heavy panting, which is your pet’s way of trying to regulate its body on warm days or during hotter temperatures.

It’s important always to monitor the hot temperature inside your home or car and the pavement or sidewalk temperature. When walking your pup, make sure to check their paws for any signs of burns or discomfort from hot asphalt.

Also, never leave your pet inside a parked car, as the heat inside a hot car can quickly become dangerous. Keep the air conditioning on a hot day and pay attention to the early stages of heat stroke. This is crucial to make sure your dog stays safe.

Following these simple tips, you can ensure your dog stays cool and hydrated during the summer and avoid heat stroke during extremely hot days. Keeping ice packs with you when traveling away from home and making sure your dog rests in the shade when there are warm temperatures is essential.

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