The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds

There is something special about medium breeds that most people cannot ignore. After all, when comparing dog sizes, they are usually more physically active than small pooches. They are also more portable than big dogs. In this respect, we have some popular suggestions for you if you are open to adopting one!

#1. Labrador Retriever

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

If you are looking for a pooch that is the perfect everyday companion, then what you need is a highly sociable, gentle, and friendly dog. In this respect, the Labrador Retriever ticks every one of these boxes. They are also very active, naturally enthusiastic, and fearless, which explains why they are some of the most popular medium sized dog breeds in the country.

#2. German Shepherd

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

Known to be one of the most hard-working, loyal, and courageous dogs, the German shepherd is a gentle companion and guardian. They also happen to be highly intelligent, obedient, and easy to train. This makes them a top choice for many families. Keep in mind that they also need a lot of physical stimulation, so get your jogging shoes ready.

#3. Golden Retriever

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

The Golden Retriever is an easygoing, playful, and affectionate dog that is always eager to please. They are also well-tempered and extroverted by nature, which makes them very easy to train. It’s almost impossible to find one of these dogs in a bad mood, which makes them out to be the very definition of man’s best friend.

#4. Border Collie

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

Border Collies are intelligent, energetic, and very keen dogs, which means you will have to find ways to keep them entertained and busy. It could be through agility training or even teaching them a fun bag of tricks. Either way, they are one of the best medium sized dog breeds for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

#5. Basset Hound

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

The Basset Hound may not be the fastest or most agile of dogs, but they more than compensate for that with their sweet, calm, and affectionate personalities They also happen to be very devoted to family and have the keenest sense of smell that comes second only to the Bloodhound.

#6. Siberian Husky

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

The Siberian Husky is well-known as the most attractive dog in the world, due to their wolf-like characteristics and bright-colored eyes. They are also intelligent, independent, and free-spirited by nature. So, keep an eye on them as they tend to wander off from time to time.

#7. Bulldog

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

If you are the type who prefers to chill and relax their days at home, then the ideal companion for you is the bulldog. They are naturally docile dogs, but this also makes them out to be great cuddlers. You just have to make sure they get enough exercise to keep them in good spirits and their weight in check.

#8. Beagle

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

Much like the Labrador, the Beagle is another popular dog breed that many families can’t keep themselves from adopting. They used to be hunting dogs, but these days they are more well-known to be the high-energy, funny, playful, and even-tempered pooches that all kids can’t get enough of.

#9. Corgi

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

Best known to be Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog breed, the Welsh Corgi is a friendly, outgoing, and playful dog that radiates cuddly energy everywhere they go. They may also be short, but they are very active, enjoy good exercise, and spending a lot of time outside.

#10. Poodle

The Most Common Medium Sized Dog Breeds Dogsized

The standard poodle is a fantastic family dog that is naturally athletic, well-built, and intelligent. They also happen to be hypoallergenic, as they don’t shed much fur. This makes them a great choice for those who may have allergy sufferers in the house, but they will need regular grooming to keep them looking stunning all the time.

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