Doggie Doorbell by Pebble Smart

pebble smart
The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell is a wireless doorbell with an extra large yellow bell so your dog can easily let you know he wants to go out or come back in (e.g. from your backyard). What a clever and convenient solution! It was designed to make it easier for your dog to communicate with you and to stop your dog from barking or scratching the door when he wants to go out or come back in. You don’t necessarily have to have a yard to use it. This type of bell system can also be convenient for urban apartment dwellers when your dog just wants to go outside. Luckily, it also has 36 different doorbell tunes so you can select one that you like.

The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell has a built-in treat holder, which is meant to help with training your dog to use the doorbell. When your dog smells the treat through the hole in the middle, he will naturally try to lick and nudge it, triggering the doorbell. Then you reward him with a treat. With repetition, he will associate nudging the yellow push plate with the pleasure of receiving a treat. After your dog can ring the bell on command, transition to rewarding him only after he rings the bell and has gone through the door. The people at Pebble Smart have put together several videos and training guides to help dog owners train there dogs.

pebble smart keithThe weather resistant Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell can be installed without any tools. The adapter (i.e. yellow push plate) is mounted (e.g. on a wall) via the included mounting tape. The receiver (or chime) is placed inside the house. It has a long range signal transmission of up to 250 feet.

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The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell was created by Keith Jin and inspired by his dog, Pebble, a beautiful and gentle Whippet. When Pebble started to scratch the door to be let in, Keith, not wanting to have his home destroyed, decided to find a solution. He devoted a year-and-half to research and design before perfecting a doorbell designed especially for dogs that is easy to install, easy to train with and use.

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7 thoughts on “Doggie Doorbell by Pebble Smart”

  1. I need a device so Mia can open and close the back door when she wants to go out and come in when we’re not home… oh, I guess those are called doggie doors.

  2. I have had the same one for about two years now and love it. I never have to wait endlessly when I want to come back in, I just ring the bell and the Mom comes running. Genius!

  3. Dante taught himself to click on our sliding door with his paw when he wants to go out. 🙂 I’d like to teach Ziva how to notify me she wants out, this might be a useful tool! But right now we’re working on “touch” to touch the door.


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