Is It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes?

Do you ever take your pooch outside and once you get back to the house, you notice that their paws are tracking dirt? Or maybe you are simply trying to reduce the amount of dirt and dander on your doggo’s fur?

In such instances, you may be tempted to use baby wipes to clean them and you’re not alone there! There’s no doubt that using baby wipes is a quick and simple way to clean your pet, but the real question we should be asking is: are baby wipes actually safe to use on dogs?

If we were to sum it up quickly… nope. You should avoid using baby wipes on your pets because baby wipes are formulated with ingredients that while mild enough for use on babies, can possibly pose a threat to your dog’s skin health. 

Besides that, the problem with baby wipes is that they still wouldn’t be the best solution for daily dog grooming, either. After all, dog wipes are way more effective than baby wipes because they are specifically formulated to be used on pets, while baby wipes aren’t.


Best Dog Wipes

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Is It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? DogsizedIs It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? Dogsized
Is It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? DogsizedIs It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? Dogsized
Is It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? DogsizedIs It Safe To Wipe Dogs With Baby Wipes? Dogsized

What Harm Can Baby Wipes Cause On Dogs?

One of the main reasons that dog wipes are the better choice is because, unlike baby wipes, they aren't formulated with propylene glycol and alcohol which are actually toxic to dogs.

It may not fatally harm your pooch, thankfully, but since dog wipes don’t have it that makes it all the more reason not to change it. Besides, you never know how much of it your little friend will ingest by licking their fur. Plus, alcohol is risky because it can dry your pup’s skin, which can end to a number of other health problems that you would rather avoid, to begin with.

I also enjoy knowing that dog wipes are specially designed to handle dog messes. This means they have gone through thorough research and development to specifically handle such situations. In other words, they are way more suited to clean up everything dog-related, safely and efficiently.

Why Do You Need Dog Wipes?

Now that you know why baby wipes are less suited for the job, this begs the question: why do you really need dog wipes in the first place? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. The fact is, you can’t give your dog a bath every single day, that’s not really practical for you or them. 

On the other hand, that doesn’t change the fact that they are bound to get dirty regularly! This leaves you with no better option to go for than these simple and convenient little dog grooming tools. But, keep in mind that using these wipes doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners or being lazy. 

The truth is over bathing your pet is actually not healthy for them. This is because dogs can start to develop dry skin which leads to itching and stress licking. But, using dog wipes, you can still keep your pooch looking clean and smelling good.  

That is unless they end up rolling in the mud or something even messier. In which case, turn on the tap water, get the shampoo and get to bathing!

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