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Newfoundland Dog Compilation | Funny Newfie Dog Videos | Bestwoof
130 views · Jan 29, 2022
Newfoundland Dog Compilation Video. Featuring The Best Newfoundland 

Newfies are amazing dogs! They may be giant but they're extremely gentle. This video features the cutest and funniest Newfoundlands we could sniff out. Would you have a Newfoundland pup?

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The Newfoundland is a large dog breed from - you guessed it - Newfoundland! Originally a working dog, they're now a very popular family dog. Known for their love of water, you'll often see them swimming or playing in the water. This can be problematic for their owners as their long coat takes a loooong time to dry. Do you have a Newfoundland? We'd love to hear their names in the comments below. 

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Thanks for watching our video of adorable Newfoundland Dogs | BestWoof 🐶
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