Switched Meds In Time For Flea And Tick Season


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When you’ve been waiting far too long for the warmer weather, you can’t wait to get outdoors with your pooch! That also means it’s fleas and ticks season.

We hope you’ve already been using some sort of flea and tick medication for your pooch.

A dog owner might switch their dog’s medication during flea and tick season if they notice that the current medication is not effective in preventing tick and flea infestation.

This is important because fleas and ticks can cause irritation, and discomfort, and can also transmit harmful diseases to pets. Switching to a more effective medication can help ensure that the pet is better protected during this time.

Additionally, some medications may have different active ingredients that target specific types of parasites, which may be more prevalent in certain regions during different times of the year.

One dog owner shares their story of why they switched medication during flea and tick season

Here’s our story about why we switched from Frontline to K9 Advantix II.


We initially used Frontline Plus on Kobi as it seemed like “the one” to use.

It worked fine at first, but a few years ago we went to Washington DC on a trip to visit friends. Our friends also have a very cute dog and we thought it would be great for them to play together.

It was a fantastic trip and the weather was beautiful, but when we returned back to New York, we noticed (to our shock and horror) that Kobi had some fleas.

Kobi is white and in the spring/summer seasons, we keep his hair shorter so it was easy to spot these new fleas.

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I called my WDC friend and he mentioned that there was a strain of fleas down there in WDC that seem to be resistant to Frontline and his vet suggested K9 Advantix II.

They used it on their dog and the fleas were gone within a day. So we ended up doing the same thing – we went straight out and got K9 Advantix and within a day those fleas were gone and we haven’t seen any since.

I’m hoping this Frontline resistant strain of fleas doesn’t spread, but we wanted to share our story in case it can help any other dogs and their owners.

Note: we also don’t want to bash the Frontline name…perhaps they will change their formula to address this situation.

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