Réhabilitation aquatique pour les chiens

eau 4 chiensHydrotherapy has been long used for humans suffering from arthritis pain and other disabilities. It’s only become more available for dogs in recent years. Water rehabilitation for dogs allows them to exercise in a fluid environment which gives them greater support to minimize stress on their joints, while at the same time creating enough resistance so that they can exercise their muscles. It’s considered a major breakthrough for dogs with spinal injuries, severe arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia or other mobility problems.

réhabilitation aquatique pour les chiensCe qui rend l'hydrothérapie différente, c'est la flottabilité que procure l'eau. La sensation d'apesanteur permet aux chiens handicapés d'utiliser tous leurs muscles sans solliciter les muscles endommagés ou faibles. Mais l'eau crée également une résistance, ce qui limite la vitesse à laquelle le chien peut utiliser ses muscles. dog’s limbs can move through the water. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout for a dog’s heart and lungs, since the weight of the water means that breathing requires more effort. The water in hydrotherapy pools is typically warm (80 to 100 degrees F), which promotes blood flow to the injured area while simultaneously increasing muscle and joint flexibility.

Les amis de DogsizWater 4 Dogsed et Chien du centre-ville de NYC Geraldine et Conor, ainsi que leur chien Abe, ont eu une excellente expérience de l'hydrothérapie à l'Institut national de la santé publique. Centre de réhabilitation Water4Dogs in NYC. At the time, Abe (only a year and 9 months old) sadly had a partial tear in his back left leg (unfortunately a common injury for Abe’s breed). After hearing from an orthopedic surgeon that he needed very invasive surgery, they sought out some other opinions. They thought surgery was a bit drastic, especially since he was so young. Another vet recommended water therapy and rehab at Water4Dogs.

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Ils sont venus pour une évaluation/consultation initiale avec le Dr Block de Water4Dogs et ont décidé d'essayer la rééducation au lieu de la chirurgie. Après dix séances de traitement au laser froid, de thérapie physique, de tapis roulant aquatique et de thérapie en piscine (dix séances en tout, deux fois par semaine). Abe s'est étonnamment rétabli.

So if your dog has an injury or mobility issues, you might want to consider water rehabilitation / hydrotherapy, before going to more invasive surgical solutions. It’s worked for humans for years – it makes sense that it could be a great option and potential solution for our canine best friends.

Regardez ces deux vidéos d'Abe à Water4Dogs:

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