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Jouet pour chien - Twist 'n Treat
Twist ‘n Treat

Give your dog some mental exercise and fun with a treat dispenser toy – put your dog’s food or tasty treats in a toy and your dog works to get to the food. Especially for puppies, it’s a great way to keep dogs entertained.

Jouet à gâterie pour chien
Star Spinner

By nature, dogs are made to hunt, scavenge and work for their food. So these treat dispenser toys will give your dog some work and opportunity to use their problem solving skills. They are especially helpful for puppies as they can keep them entertain for long periods of time and as a result they are less likely to destroy other things in your home. They’re also great for dogs that have behavior problems which might be a result of sheer boredom, often due to a lack of physical exercise, problem solving opportunities and outdoor exploration. We’re sure you’d prefer him chewing on a food toy rather than your shoes.

Food stuffed dog toys
Food Stuffed Bone

You can get something as simple as a food stuffed bone to an interactive dog puzzle such as a Star Spinner or Kibble Drop Treat Dog Toy. Some dog trainers even recommend that you give up feeding your dog from a bowl and instead use these interactive dog food and treat dispenser toys to give your dog more mental challenges.

Atomic Ball
Atomic Ball

If your dog is quick to figure these toys out, an excellent way to keep them busy for a long time is to get a food stuffed bone or classic Kong, fill it with the treat (e.g. peanut butter or wet dog food) and then freeze it. Since the treat is frozen, it’s going to take much longer for your puppy or dog to finish it. Another tip – if the food is stuck in the toy, I use a strong, plastic chopstick to get it out.

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