Des vêtements d'hiver, des produits de toilettage et des cadeaux exceptionnels au Salty Paw

Coupe de cheveux de Kobi
Kobi fraîchement toiletté
Patte Salée Kobi
Kobi reçoit des friandises au Salty Paw.

We love the Salty Paw! They are back in their original location: 38 Peck Slip in FiDi/South Street Seaport NYC. We recently went there to get Kobi’s haircut and grooming. Maye always does an amazing job! The cut is very even and he looks very handsome. And while Kobi hates getting his hair and nails cut, he loves the treats he gets there.

If you haven’t been to their new store, the Salty Paw has increased their selection of cool and stylish clothes. You might want to pop in to check out their winter wear, especially with the very cold temperatures we’ve recently been having. They carry some great styles!

Ces vestes de style NYC sont particulièrement appréciées des touristes qui viennent dans la boutique :

Vêtements pour chiens de la région métropolitaine de New York Sweatshirt chien NYC Sweatshirt chien Brooklyn Veste pour chien NY

The Salty Paw has some really adorable dog sweaters and stylish dog coats.
The below jackets come from a local Brooklyn-Williamsburg designer, Sam & Tasha. It was founded in 2009 by Laura Kinsey, who wanted to bring a human design sensibility to pet fashion. We love her comment that so many dogs on the street looked like they were going to the prom – we totally agree! As a result, she started Sam & Tasha which is much more modern and not “frou-frou”. Laura has an 10 pound Maltese named Hugo. His hobbies are sleeping, trying on clothes, and eating dehydrated meat.

veste sam et tasha sam et tasha veste 1 veste sam et tasha 2 sam et tasha veste 3

The sweaters are designed by Dogo. They regularly update their product line so that it’s always fun, fresh, and in style.

Chandail DOGO 1 Chandail DOGO 2 Chandail DOGO 3 Chandail DOGO 4
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