Illuminez vos promenades avec un porte-sac poubelle lumineux

Clean Go Pet The Poop Snoop Porte-sac à déchets lumineux II pour chiensWith summer behind us, we’re starting to get into that time of year where you’re walking your dog in the dark.  We came across this handy Porte-sac à déchets lumineux de Clean Go that could be helpful during your walks.  It’s a convenient little light for your neighborhood strolls and to check and make sure you picked up all the poop. The light activates with the push of a button. It’s not a flood light, so we don’t recommend using it to go in the woods.
It has a little hook to attach to your leash or anything else with a belt and is light at only 3.2 ounces. Best of all, it holds up a 20-count rolls of dog waste bags, so you won’t have to be on a walk without poop bags.

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