Nouvelle collection étonnante de combinaisons et vestes pour chiens

costume de chien rouge Au salon de la mode des animaux de compagnie de New York, nous avons découvert une nouvelle entreprise,
Zippy Dynamics that makes excellent dog coats / dog suits. We were first attracted to them because of their sporty, modern style. We also loved the fact that their dog jackets don’t just cover the body/girth of the dog, but also the legs and arms. This is particularly helpful if your dog easily gets dirty, especially if they’re low to the ground. Our dog is white, so this is really a problem when it’s raining outside.

costume moderne pour chienZippy Dynamics was conceived by Alex Rabinovich and inspired by Max, their three year old adorable miniature poodle, who is modeling the suits here. Max is very energetic and loves exploring all sorts of different environments, from the sidewalk to sandy beaches. Alex lets him let run free outside (where it’s safely allowed) and while Max has lots of fun, he gets very dirty, very quickly.

Costume pour chien avec écharpeComme Max a les cheveux noirs, on pourrait penser qu'il est capable de s'en tirer sans être un peu sale. Cependant, si vous ne le voyez pas sur Max, vous verrez le canapé et le sol se salir lorsque Max commence à courir dans la maison. Alex s'est donc retrouvé à devoir nettoyer Max après ses aventures en plein air, ce qui lui a donné l'idée d'une ligne de vêtements complets pour chiens.

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Costume de chien grisAlex with the help of his two sons, David and Ilya, and partner Paul Cantor, developed the Zippy Dynamics brand. They’ve worked together every step of the way from creating the company’s logo to building a fully functional e-commerce website. It resulted in them developing a product that would not only save them time and energy, but would also protect dogs from the elements. We love their dog suits and Nous les proposons désormais dans notre magasin.

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La combinaison pour chien Zippy Dynamics est conçue pour offrir aux chiens une combinaison unique de style, de confort et de protection. La combinaison pour chien ne comprime pas et ne cause pas d'inconfort au corps ou à la fourrure du chien. La fermeture à glissière principale se trouve à l'arrière de la combinaison et des fermetures à glissière sur chaque jambe du pantalon permettent aux propriétaires de chiens de placer facilement leur chien dans la combinaison.

Combinaison pour chien Zippy Dynamics
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What’s unique is the integrated adjustable cord system (ACS) that gives dog owners the ability to adjust the length of the body and pant legs, making it fully protective and convenient to wear. The elastic insert system (EIS), is cleverly incorporated into specific areas of the design, allows for flexibility and freedom of movement.

The true full-body design keeps the dog warm, dry, and free of dirt from the neck to the very bottom of the legs. The features combine to provide functionality and give the suit a modern, sporty, appearance.

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