Dog Sunscreen Product Review: Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray

Did you know that dogs are just as much at risk of getting skin cancer as we are? Seriously! Most of them are strongly susceptible to skin damage from sunburns, but not many people think that. And with the temperatures steadily rising, as we get closer to the spring/summer seasons, this can also mean more visits to the veterinarian if we are not careful.

This is why many dog experts often recommend the use of dog sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. The only problem is that with so many sunscreen products to choose from, most of us can be confused about which one to get. But, speaking from experience, there is only one product you should largely concern yourself with, and that is the Epi-Pet Dog Sun Protector Spray.

Epi-Pet Dog Sun Protector Spray

The first thing you should know about this product is that the brand is well-known for outsourcing all their material from the USA. This means that this sunscreen is a locally-made product.

The Epi-Pet spray protector also happens to be the ONLY FDA-approved dog sunscreen in the current market. This means that it is non-toxic and safe for consumption by all dog breeds. So, if your pooch suddenly decides to lick themselves, you can rest assured that it will pose no serious health risk to them.

Because it contains natural antioxidants and skin enrichers, like Vitamin E, it works as an effective  moisturizer and conditioner too! It is vanilla-scented, which  made for quite a lovely surprise! 

What we like:

  • The spray makes it easy to cover all parts of your dog’s body.
  • It is non-greasy and oily
  • Safe to use on all dog breeds.
  • It is water and sweat-resistant
  • It’s eco-friendly.
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A little room for improvement:

  • It is a little pricey, at least compared to other dog sunscreens.
  • The bottle only provides about a month’s worth of use
  • The vanilla scent may not appeal to some dogs.
  • It cannot be used on other pets like cats.
  • Some dogs may be allergic.

How To Use It

I really liked that it is an easy-to-spray can. It lets out a light mist, which allows for convenient application at almost any angle. This meant that I could effectively reach practically any part of my dog’s coat pretty easily. There were some parts that I couldn’t just spray on for obvious reasons, like around the eyes, nose, ears, for example.

I sprayed the product directly on my hands to apply the sunscreen on my dog and rubbed it on his fur. Luckily, the sunscreen was quick drying too, which I find really convenient. Because some brands have a greasy or oily formula which can be irritating for both you and your dog.

When I used this on my dog, the coating lasted for about 3 hours, which was a little sooner than expected. But because it is water and sweat-resistant, my pooch didn’t lose protection for most of the afternoon before I had to reapply it again. And quite frankly, that’s more than enough outdoor playtime!

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