Summer Dog Safety for Parties


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As temperatures rise, it’s important to remember summer dog safety during outdoor parties and events. This includes food safety and what every dog owner should pay special attention to.

Dog Safety
We hope you enjoy all the summer parties this season with your best friend and wanted to share a few dog safety tips.

Summer Dog Safety Party Food

I’m sure your dog will be enjoying the party as much as you will, but they’ll also be using their cute brown eyes and charm to entice your guest to give them food.

bad foods for dogs

Clearly you need to be watching your dog, but also politely inform friends what your dog food rules are.

Make sure your dog doesn’t eat these human foods (see our list) and if your hosting the party, we would advise you don’t have grapes or chocolate finger food snacks just to be on the safe side.

If you think your dog has eaten something dangerous, contact your vet or the Pet Poison Hotline.



While many dogs love to roll around on the grass (and eat it too), many people do spray their lawns and grass with insecticides. Unfortunately, these can also be toxic to your dog.


It’s best to leave your pet at home (or indoors) during fireworks displays. Many dogs are very frightened of the noise.

If your dog has a lot of anxiety from the sound of fireworks, you might want to consider getting a Thunder Shirt.

If you have fireworks at your home, be extra careful. Curious pets can easily get traumatized &/or burned if they are too close to a firework. Unlit fireworks can contain toxic ingredients if eaten or chewed on by your dog.

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All the creepy crawlers come out to play in the warm summer months. Be sure your dog is receiving monthly preventatives to protect against fleas, ticks and heartworm disease. See also our category of Anti-Itch and Anti-Insect products.

Now that we’ve got that all covered – go out there and enjoy those amazing summer parties!!!

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