Pappy Nabs and Eats Full Rotisserie Chicken


Our friend, Pappy, is an 8 year old Beagle that lives near Seattle. She was adopted when she was only 7 weeks old. As a little pup, Pappy was already a bit mischievous – she chewed through a lot of of her parents shoes and boots when she was teething.
Dogsized recently interviewed Pappy to give us the scoop on her latest achievement in nabbing and eating the family rotisserie chicken:

Wow Pappy – we heard you hit the jackpot!
We can only imagine this was a mission impossible scenario. Where was the chicken?

On the counter top – I was so excited to see that Mom forgot to push the container way back toward the wall. I knew it was close enough to the edge that I could stretch myself, contort my body & neck, and eventually reach it. I just needed her to leave the kitchen.

How did you get to it?
I reached on my tippy paws – stretched and twisted! I kept at it – couldn’t resist as the rotisserie chicken smelled sooooo good!

pappy chicken
Empty Container The Evidence

How long was Mom away?
Mom left to go teach a Zumba class. So I knew time was on my side as she would be gone for a while. Once I got to it (which took most of the effort), I destroyed it in 10 minutes.

Did you end up hiding the carcass somewhere interesting?
No need – I ate the whole thing! Bone and all!

Did you get sick from eating so much at one time?
I was super full! I slept very well that night. I have to admit, it wasn’t until the next night that I was paying for it. Mom was very concerned, and kept a close watch on me. My stomach was bloated, aching and I had some nasty gas, for hours. I didn’t vomit, so Mom didn’t take me into the vet. She kept Googling “what to do, my Beagle ate a whole chicken” on her iPad.

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Clearly you got caught – what did Mom do to you???
Mom came back from the gym very hungry and excited to eat dinner after getting home. She was devastated to find an empty carton! She kept pointing at the empty container, and telling me NO! I knew exactly what I did was wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time snatching food, getting into the garbage can or escaping to a neighborhood’s house to get their food on their counter. It won’t be my last time either. You got it, lesson NOT learned. I have and always will be food motivated! How could you blame me – it was a rotisserie chicken and it was amazing!

pappy chicken
Pappy patiently waiting for the next food heist

Has Mom put in any new procedures so that you no longer can pull off such a heist?
She just keeps saying “no Pappy”!
Most of the time when my family is eating, they put me in the laundry room with the door closed. They’re better at keeping those food containers pushed back, far from the ledge. I’ll just wait patiently until they let their guard down.

To help out the Dogsized fans,
we asked Pappy’s Mom:

There are a lot of other doggy moms out there that are planning to cook Thanksgiving dinner and also have very smart and crafty dogs. Any tips on how to save the Thanksgiving turkey from those pooches at home?

Put your pooches in a closed room with a blanket, water and toys. That’s the only way to guarantee the safety of your turkey! For us, we’re going to friends’ home for a feast and Pappy will remain home. I may bring back a small nibble for her – Pappy’s so cute, it’s hard to resist.

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