Dog Belly Bands - do they work?

Dog Belly Bands - do they work? Dogsized

When Kobi, our male Havanese dog, was a puppy and I was house-training him, there were a few times I would get totally frustrated with the whole process. So I decided to try out a dog belly band. Since we live in a highrise, I couldn't just open the door to let him out to do his business in the backyard. I thought the dog belly band might be a good way to help house-train him. As a human, this appeared to be a big signal: "Hey puppy, this is not the time to pee. You've got a belly band on. It's covering your weenie - so please respect and don't pee when you're wearing it."

Unfortunately, Kobi just didn't understand my human logic and still peed in the apartment while wearing the dog belly band. So what did I do? Well as a New Yorker, I thought I must have gotten the wrong model and needed an upgrade. Clearly all these people on the internet are selling belly bands so they must work (right?).

So I upgraded from one similar in construction to the above photo to another dog belly band which was more like a pouch and a belt and made out of suede. (Looking back, I realize how absurd this is.)

Alas, Kobi was happy to keep peeing while wearing all of them. The dog belly bands fit Kobi fine, but he just never understood them as a deterrent to pee in the house.

As a result, I cannot recommend the dog belly band. In hindsight, I should have first asked myself: How many dog belly bands have you actually seen in use? Do any of your friends' dogs have them? I'm guessing the majority of them don't. Perhaps there are a few successful dog belly band owners out there and we're happy to get their feedback. In the meanwhile, save your money and pass on this dog product purchase.

For house training, we recommend skipping the dog belly band and using the traditional crate method. Also, check out our Clean Up & Indoor Dog Potty section.

One comment on “Dog Belly Bands - do they work?”

  1. The belly band isn't intended to house-train a puppy, but it is to stop male marking. Male marking is a whole different matter, than a puppy needing to pee. At best, a puppy can only hold his pee for one hour per month of age..At best! No matter that he is in a high rise.

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