Messy Mutts – fashion & function together together!

Unordentliche Köter
Daisy von Messy Mutts!

We discovered Messy Mutts at this year’s Global Pet Expo and loved their products. While they call themselves Messy Mutts, we think they aren’t messy at all, but rather fashionable and function-able!  In fact, their products inspired us to do our first VIDEO product reviews. Reason being that you can see the functionality of the product much better in 3D.

Davis - Unordentliche Köter
Davis von Messy Mutts

Chris Shipton founded Messy Mutts in 2013 and launched the brand in early 2014. After 20 years of designing stylish housewares, he needed a bit of a change and decided to work on solving some problems in the kitchen for pets! Their motto – fashion and function can work together!

Ihre Hunde Davis und Daisy dienen als tägliche Inspiration für Messy Mutts.

Messy Mutts Double Feeder for dogs is made with a non-slip silicone base that prevents damage to your floors. They are made from FDA approved food grade silicone – both BPA and PVC free. The bowls are stainless steel and the base comes in a variety of colors. You can also get them with either one or two bowls.

Sehen Sie sich unseren kurzen Videobericht an:

We first fell in love with their Waste Bag Holders. They’re 100% silicone and both BPA and PVC free. We love that it’s so easy to put a roll of bags in the holder or just bags from the grocery store.

Sehen Sie sich unseren kurzen Video-Produkttest an:

Zu guter Letzt gibt es noch den Messy Mutts Travel Water Dispenser. Dieser handliche Wasserspender ist ideal für Spaziergänge, Wanderungen und Reisen.

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Sehen Sie sich unseren kurzen Video-Produkttest an, um zu erfahren, warum wir es mögen:


Gewinner Beau!
Gewinner Beau!

Here’s the review from the winner from the Messy Mutts Silicone Double Feeder giveaway:
“Oh, we (Beau [a/k/a Fur-baby] & I) absolutely love the Messy Mutts Silicone Double Feeder. With Beau being a Boxer, she tends to be a bit messy when she eats and drinks her water – although she tries not to be – The Messy Mutts Silicone Double Feeder is perfect for her. Because of the way its made – food and water doesn’t go all over the floor anymore when Beau eats. Clean up is fast and easy – and better yet, not on my floor. I would give it 5 stars hands down. Thank you Dogsized.”

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  1. We ran into Messy Mutts at last years Backer’s and were lucking enough to get to try their Double Feeder as well. It is so nice to have something a bit more stylish around our home and it has seriously cut down on the mess from water/food! Can’t wait to check out some of their other products as well!


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