Wie pflegt man große Hunde?


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Sind Sie ein Liebhaber großer Hunde? Wenn ja, dann müssen Sie sich darüber im Klaren sein, dass mit große Hunde auch eine große Verantwortung einhergeht. Tatsache ist, dass viele Menschen den zusätzlichen Aufwand, die Pflege und die Arbeit, die nötig sind, um einen großen Hund glücklich und gesund zu halten, oft nicht berücksichtigen.

Große Hunde

Whether it’s feeding habits, grooming techniques, or even exercise and training, there are several things you have to keep in mind that will require a considerable amount of effort to maintain.

So, we decided to help you better understand what your getting yourself into.

3 Things You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Big Dog

#1. Fütterungsgewohnheiten

When it comes to feeding big dogs breeds, there’s a lot more that you need to consider besides just finances. This is because a big dog breed puppy will usually keep increasing in size as the months go by.

As a result, a healthy and nutritious diet is crucial for them to grow well and without any physical conditions or illnesses. 

Sie brauchen zum Beispiel einen Ernährungsplan mit dem richtigen Gehalt an Eiweiß und Kalzium, damit sie gut wachsen können. Andererseits muss man auch darauf achten, dass sie nicht zu viele Kalorien auf einmal zu sich nehmen. Große Hunde neigen dazu, viel langsamer zu wachsen als kleinere Rassen.

But, the risk of them going overweight and suffering from physical conditions like joint problems and loss of bone density is more prevalent with them than with other dog sizes.

So, you should always reach out to your veterinarian to figure out the best diet plan that will suit each stage of their growth.

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#2. Bewegung und körperliche Aktivität

Most large dog breeds are often very energetic because most of these breeds used to be working dogs that helped in herding, hunting, guarding, etc.

As such, you need to invest a good amount of time each day to ensure that they get the sufficient amount of physical exertion they need to stay fit and active. 

You can also try getting them involved in sporting activities or taking them out to courses to help them learn new tricks.

You should also purchase some toys for them to keep them distracted while they are indoors. This will also help keep them mentally stimulated, which should prevent them from messing around with your furniture out of boredom.

#3. Richtige Pflegegewohnheiten

This is a crucial part of dog care, and it applies to all dog sizes, be it big, medium, or small. After all, proper bathing, grooming, and hair care are all essential parts of good daily care.

The only thing is that when dealing with larger breeds, the process can sometimes be more challenging.

For example, some large dog breeds like Golden Retrievers are double-coated. This means that there will be more fur to groom, which can get tricky as you get the soap in and try to rinse it all out properly.

If you find that this is a big problem for you, you can always dilute the dog shampoo with water. This should help make it more manageable while rinsing.

Möglicherweise müssen Sie auch einen Fön verwenden, um große Mengen an Fell zu trocknen. Achten Sie außerdem darauf, ihr Fell alle paar Tage zu bürsten, denn viele große Hunde haben ein Fell, das sich häufig verheddert oder verknotet.

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Alternatively, you can always make use of a professional grooming service to help make the job a little easier for you.

They also usually offer an extensive array of other services like nail trimming, massages, etc. So, if you can afford it, you should schedule 1-2 monthly appointments to keep them looking fresh and feeling great.


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