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As dog owners, we want to learn as much as we can about our furry friends, from their behavior to their health and history. That’s why a good dog book can create good bonding moments.

Dog Book

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re our best friends, companions, and sometimes even family members. Reading books about dogs can be not only enjoyable but also informative and educational.

Whether you’re looking for heartwarming stories, training advice, or breed information, there is a vast selection of dog books to choose from.

The most beloved dog book recommendations 

I learned about this book from a friend, and I find that it is the perfect read to deepen any dog owner’s love and understanding of their canine companion.

When I saw that it was “poems by dogs”, I quickly interjected that I just really wasn’t into poetry. But one glance at this book totally changed my mind.

Let me illustrate, here’s the first poem I read from this book:

Can You Smell That?
I smell the air
I smell the dew
I smell that rock
I smell your shoe
I smell the leaves
I smell a slug
I smell the dirt
I inhale a bug
I smell the grass
I smell the grass
I small each and every
Blade of grass
I smell a butt
Oh hey, it’s Lou!
I smell frustration
Oh hey, that’s you
I sniff, I snort, I even snuff
And with every scent my nose does sing
But you say quite sharply, it’s been two hours
So let’s smell what the next foot of our walk does bring

This totally cracked me up – so did other poems as I flipped through this cute dog book.
So here I am recommending:

I Could Chew on This and other poems by dogs (by Francesco Marciuliano)

The book is not too long (about 100 pgs) and easily brings a smile to any dog owner. Enjoy!

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