The Dog DNA Test – What Breeds Make Up Your Dog?

Hunde-DNA-TestWenn Sie zu denjenigen gehören, die Helden that went to the pound or animal shelter to adopt your dog, you might be wondering – what breeds is my dog made out of? Maybe you’re just curious or perhaps you want to identify any potential health issues or disease predispositions based on their breed mix?

What we were surprised to learn is that your dog’s physical appearance is largely controlled by a small number of genes. These genes can have both recessive and dominant variants and the variants that are present determine the visible effect on physical traits seen.

As a result the presence of various breed signatures does not guarantee that the dog will look like all detected breeds. The wonder of genetic inheritance can be seen as much in dogs as it can in people. So what you see perhaps is not what you actually have…

Since you can’t totally guess your dogs breed ancestry based on looks, we researched some great DNA testing options for you.
We’ve linked them below for your easy shopping convenience.

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Wisdom Panel von Mars Veterinary

The Wisdom Panel is an easy 1-2-3 kit:
1. Collect a DNA sample from the inside of your dog’s cheek with the included swabs.
2. Using the provided “Test Sample ID”, activate your kit online and mail the swabs back to their laboratory in the postage-paid envelope.
3. Within about 3 weeks, you’ll receive an e-mailed full ancestry report with your dog’s results.

Das Wisdom Panel ist einer der gründlichsten Tests, da es auf über 200 verschiedene Rassen und Varietäten sowie 321 genetische Marker testet. Während der Entwicklung des Wisdom Panel-Tests wurden über 19 Millionen genetische Marker analysiert und über 13.000 Hunde typisiert.

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Here’s a great video from Wisdom Panel which explains the process:

Andere Optionen für Hunde-DNA-Tests

From what we’ve seen, it looks like Wisdom Panel would be the best quality test. However, there are other testing options you might want to consider below or also contact your vet who should also have Dog DNA test options:

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