Keep Your Pooch Busy with These Dog Treat Dispenser Toys


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Are you looking for a way to keep your overly-excitable pooch distracted and busy when you are too busy to play with them? If this is the case, you need a dog treat dispenser toy. A dog treat dispenser chew toys are more than just for dispensing dog treats. There’s so much more.

Dog Treat Dispenser

Boredom is one of the many reasons that lead to dogs chewing up furniture or even acting overly aggressive sometimes, and a dog treat dispenser toy may be exactly what you need.

How can a dog treat dispenser toy help?

The good news is that these toys help dogs release any pent-up energy in a productive and rewarding manner.

The only challenge is that there are so many different toys to choose from it’s almost impossible to figure out the best dog treat dispenser toys to bring home to your pooch. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one!

Top Dog Treat Dispenser Chew Toys

#1. KONG Wobbler Spielzeug

Das Kong Wobbler Kauspielzeug ist eine der robustesten und beliebtesten Optionen auf dem heutigen Markt. Es wird vor Ort in den USA hergestellt, so dass Sie sicher sein können, dass die Qualitätsstandards gleichwertig sind und Sie einen guten Gegenwert für Ihr Geld erhalten.

What I found to be pretty cool about this toy, in particular, was that it features a unique wobbling mechanism that creates unpredictable reactions when played with.

Naturally, this kept my pooch on his toes for hours, which meant that my schedule had opened up because he did not get bored of it.

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It also has a hollow center at the top, which meant I could stuff as many treats as I wanted, and it is also pretty easy to clean out, so that’s quite convenient.

Plus, it’s available in a wide variety of dog sizes, to begin with, so picking out the right one for your doggo should be pretty easy too!

#2. JW Hol-ee Roller Treat Dispensing Ball

If your dog happens to be an aggressive chewer, then the JW Hol-ee Dispensing Ball is the indestructible solution to all your problems.

Seriously, this thing might as well have been made by Superman!

It’s made from a soft and stretchy rubber material that is gentle but still manages to hold out strong even after hours of abuse.

This makes it an excellent pick for teething pups, and it even features raised bristles that do well to clean out their teeth in the process too!

It also helps that they come in bright and cheerful colors and have large enough holes to fit large treats inside.

This makes it an excellent choice for providing your furry friend a whole day’s fun and satisfaction.

#3. PUPTECK Großes Mango-Leckerli-Spender-Spielzeug

Wenn Sie einen mittelgroßen bis großen Hund haben Großer Hundhaben, ist dies die perfekte Wahl, um Ihren Hund mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Der Large Mango Treat Dispenser ist dem JW Hol-ee insofern ähnlich, als dass er so gut wie unzerstörbar ist, aber was mich besonders beeindruckt hat, war sein farbenfrohes und einzigartiges mangoförmiges Design.

It completely stole my pooch’s attention away from the instant I unboxed it, and it does bring a fun vibe to any room.

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It also does well to dispense treats through small holes spread around the ridges and at the bottom. It is made using a non-toxic rubber material, which means that it can take any beating your dog may want to put into it.

Der einzige Nachteil ist, dass es teuer ist, aber wenn man die Langlebigkeit und den Spaßfaktor bedenkt, bietet es einen guten Gegenwert für sein Geld.


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