PooPrints – Making Sure Dog Owners Clean Up

clean up after your petsIsn’t it so annoying when you come across dog poop on the ground that hasn’t been picked up by the dog owner. It gives all of us dog owners a bad reputation. We’ve even been blamed by a person on the street for not picking up dog poop when it didn’t come from our own dog (not to mention there’s no way our 18 lb dog could have made such a huge poop).

Well PooPrints by BioPet Vet Lab has come up with a DNA test to determine who left that poop behind and send them a fine. It’s a new twist on that article you might have read about in 2013: “Town Mails Dog Poop Back To Negligent Owners In Spain“.

How Does it Work?

pooprintsThe PooPrints sends swabs to be swiped inside of mouth of every dog using the public green space. The swab collects the DNA of the dog and is then sent back to the PooPrints labs where a record of the dog it belongs to is kept in the DNA World Pet Registry.

If park keepers find dog waste left behind, they can send a sample to PooPrints which will test it and match it to a swab. “The DNA is extracted from the dog waste and matches are run every day to find out who the ‘poop-eterators’ are,” explained Mike Stone, a distributor for PooPrints. The cost of the test runs around $75 and is usually passed along to the pet owner in the form of a fine.

Typically the cost of the swabs and registration of the dog, is paid for by the dog owners who are using the dog park in the form of a membership or other fee. PooPrints already serves around 900 residential communities nationwide.

PooPrints by BioPet Vet Lab is an eco-friendly DNA dog waste management program for apartment, condominium and HOA management. PooPrints was invented at BioPet Vet Lab to help keep managed communities and parks clean and green. BioPet has been a full service canine genetic research laboratory since 2008, dedicated to animal health.

The Dog Park – Dos and Don’ts

dog parkThe dog park is a great way to socialize your dog and potentially meet some new friends (both for you and your dog). Most people generally know how to handle themselves and their dog in the dog park, but as a reminder and for new dog owners, here are some of the “dos and don’ts”. If you have some to add – please let us know or write in the comments section at the end of the article.

Dog Park Dos:

dog park

  • Be a happy, friendly person in the dog park. Say hello and don’t be afraid of a little light neighborly chat. That said, please don’t over-share or be that annoying chatter mouth.
  • If you want to feed another dog (i.e. not your dog) some treats, please ask their owner first. You never know what kind of diet or allergies a dog has.
  • If there is separation between small and large dogs, please put your dog in the right area. Some large dogs seem to think small dogs are snacks. Let’s spare those small dogs the stress of becoming a potential meal.

Dog Park Don’ts:

dog park

  • Don’t let your dog bully, harass or hump another dog in the park. It’s not polite. If your dog is the bully, it’s your responsibility to stop it.
  • Don’t ignore your dog in the dog park. This is time for you and your dog. You need to watch their behavior with the other dogs. Not to mention, if your dog poops, you need to go pick it up. Don’t be a jerk on your phone texting/gaming/emailing and generally ignoring your dog.
  • Don’t let your dog steal other dog’s toys. Often owners bring in a ball to play with their dog at the dog park. Which generally leads to a few dogs playing fetch with the owner that brought the ball – all generally acceptable. However, if your dog steals another dog’s ball and doesn’t let anyone (including the owner of the ball) play with the ball that is not cool! Control your pooch and give back the ball.
dog park rules

Typical Dog Park Rules

Typical Dog Park Rules:

    • All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations prior to entering the dog park.
    • Puppies under four months of age should not enter a dog park as they have not received all of their vaccinations. It’s for their own protection.
    • Infants or small children should not enter the dog park. Small children, especially running children, may be regarded as prey animals by strange dogs. Dogs may also feel the urge to protect children they know. This tends to cause aggressive behavior.

dog park

  •  Unneutered/unspayed dogs should not visit a dog park as it might cause aggression. Especially, female dogs in heat should not visit a dog park. It’s safer to keep them at home to prevent unwanted puppies.
  • Aggressive dogs should not enter the dog park. Aggressive dogs tend to engage in fighting behavior and typically cannot be stopped by voice command does not belong in the dog park.


Central Park Dog Map – find dog friendly areas

central park dog map

Central Park is a great place to take your dog, but there are a lot of places in the park where you cannot take him or her.

Luckily there is a Central Park dog map of all the dog friendly locations in the park:

Dog-Friendly-Areas-Map  (click link and it will open up in a .pdf)

Where can I find a dog park in NYC?

where can I find a dog park in NYC

If you are new to NYC or have a new pup, you might be wondering where to find a dog park in NYC?

Fortunately, there are loads of dog parks in NYC and new ones are also popping up.

NYC Parks has a listing of dog parks by borough or search by zipcode at:

We have noticed that some newer dog parks in Lower Manhattan are missing from the list:

FiDi District:  Wall Street and South Street

Battery Park: World Financial Center / next to North Cove Marina and Gateway Plaza

Battery Park: Corner of 3rd Pl and Little West Street

Battery Park: North End Avenue and Warren Street

Another good dog run/park list with interactive map is:

DogGoes.com: New York Dog Parks