New Tech: Webcam and Dog Feeder from SinglePet

singlepetConcerned you won’t be able to get home in time to feed your dog?
No worries – with SinglePet, you can just pick up your smartphone and at the press of a button you’re able to dispense food to your dog at home. You can even check out what your dog is doing at home and chat with your best friend through a live video stream. SinglePet will also let you know when you’re running out of food and you can purchase more dog food right from the SinglePet app. Super cool! (Now if it could only take out your dog for a walk too…)
SinglePet was created by this hot Korean start-up. Check out their video:

This product is not yet for sale in the U.S., but we’ll definitely let you know when we see it’s been launched.

Dog Food & Treats

Finding the right dog food for your dog is not always as easy as it sounds. First of all, it’s really important to check the back of the label. You want to avoid by-products, corn, glutens, wheat and artificial preservatives.

There is also a list of scientifically named ingredients that you’ll also want to avoid, e.g. Propylene Glycol. I have a hard time remembering all the scientific names, so I find it easiest to go to: Dog Food Advisor and look up the dog food I’m thinking about purchasing to ensure it has a good review. They have quite an extensive list of dog food reviews (over 750) and also alerts on dog food recalls.

We have not listed all the dog food and treats out there, but rather hand picked the top dog food, dog brands and treats that we would recommend.
Everything is linked for easy and safe purchase:

Dog Food


Dog Treats


Dog Treat Dispenser Toys

Give your dog some fun and mental exercise with dog treat dispenser toys – put your dog’s food or tasty treats in a toy and your dog works to get to the food. Especially for puppies, it’s a great way to keep dogs entertained.

Have a favorite dog food or treat?
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