Dog Food – which one is right for your dog

Finding the right dog food for your dog is not always as easy as it sounds. First of all, it’s really important to check the back of the label. You want to avoid by-products, corn, glutens, wheat and artificial preservatives.

There is also a list of scientifically named ingredients that you’ll also want to avoid, e.g. Propylene Glycol. I have a hard time remembering all the scientific names, so I find it easiest to go to: Dog Food Advisor and look up the dog food I’m thinking about purchasing to ensure it has a good review. They have quite an extensive list of dog food reviews (over 750) and also alerts on dog food recalls.

As far as my dog Kobi, he eats Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension Original. I used to give him Royal Canin, which was recommended by Kobi’s breeder, but my doggy day care (Fetch Club) also feeds their visiting dogs Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension Original. It’s much easier to keep him on the same dog food, that way if he eats a meal at his day care, he doesn’t have any digestive issues from switching brands. Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension Original is a great product and has a good review on Dog Food Advisor.