Top 10 Small Hybrid Dogs

Between the ‘poo’s and the ‘chi’s, you can’t help but smile at some of these small hybrid dog breeds. You’ll really fall in love with them when you see their curly coats and pointy ears, big personalities and just how much affection they have for their humans. Here are our favorite Top 10 Small Hybrid Dogs:

small hybrid dogs


10. Dameranian

On top of a Dachshund’s body and Pomeranian facial features, the Dameranian has a long coat in a range of dark and light colors. They’re loving, social dogs who need to play. Dameranians are also an intelligent hybrid, which should make training less difficult.

small hybrid dogs


9. Pomchi

When it comes to hybrid dogs, Pomchis take the top spot for big personality. You’ll always see the Pomeranian-Chihuahua breed come toward you with love (and you’ll also see its pointy ears). Pomchis are also brave – even though they stand between 6 to 10 inches.

small hybrid dogs


8. Yorkiepoo

If you’re an energetic person, your companion dog is a Yorkiepoo, a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and Toy or Miniature Poodle. Both of its parent breeds are intelligent, hypoallergenic ones, meaning the Yorkiepoo is a smart pooch with a wavy coat that won’t shed.

Jug - small hybrid dogs


7. Jug

Although its coat will vary, you can bet a Jug’s ears are flapping when it runs toward you. The Jack Russell Terrier-Pug hybrid is mostly low maintenance, although they are active dogs. You’ll often see its scrunched, Pug-like face socialize with other pets, making it a great hybrid for those already with animals.

maltipoo small hybrid dogs


6. Maltipoo

Maltipoos can easily go from cuddling up in your lap to going out on a walk. The Maltese-Poodle hybrid is a sweet family pet that barely sheds. Maltipoos can get a bit clingy so they shouldn’t be left along for long periods of time.



5. Dorkie

Children and other pets will enjoy having a caring Dorkie around. The breed, a Dachshund-Yorkshire Terrier mix, comes with a long, medium thick coat and not many exercise needs. They can be a little stubborn, but these pups are trainable.

small hybrid dogs


4. Cavapoo

You would think a teddy bear is somewhere in this dog mix, but Cavapoos are part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Their curly coats require grooming, and their loving personalities require a family-oriented human. Cavapoos’ social attitudes are great for children, too.

Puggle_small hybrid dogs


3. Puggle

Puggles, a hybrid with a Pug’s wrinkly face and Beagle’s muscular body, are family and dog friendly; you’ll often see them look for some form of human contact. Because they’re so easy to befriend and get along with, you’ll be playing with a Puggle in no time.



2. Cockapoo

Small dogs still need exercise, and a Cockapoo (combination of an American or English Cocker Spaniel and Poodle) is no exception. From playing fetch to swimming, Cockapoos are great family pets who will thank you for walks to the park.

Chiweenie small hybrid dogs


1. Chiweenie

It’s not only the small stature that makes Chiweenies great for children, but also the dogs’ cheerful attitude. Chiweenies, a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, can be difficult to train. However, the active, petite pups are low maintenance and wonderful additions to families with children.

The Chihuahua – Small Dog, Big Personality


Paris Hilton & her Chihuahuas

Living in NYC, we see a lot of Chihuahuas. Every once in a while, you might even get a little surprise when one unexpectedly pops his head out of a ladies handbag. While the Chihuahua is renown for being the smallest breed of dog (weighing approximately 3-6 lb), Chihuahuas tend to think they’re the largest dog (or perhaps person) in the room.


Sandra Bullock with Ruby and Poppy

Named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, they come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors, and coat lengths. This enthusiastic little dog is a favorite amongst celebrities.

reese - legally blonde

Legally Blonde Elle Woods & Bruiser

Paris Hilton is well known as an owner of many Chihuahuas (10+) and some have credited her with using her dogs as an accessory.

On the other end of the celebrity dog ownership spectrum – Sandra Bullock has an adopted two-legged Chihuahua named Ruby and a three-legged Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Poppy. Two dogs and 5 legs in total.


Hilary Duff and Lola

Somewhere in the middle, we’ve got Hillary Duff and her Chihuahua, Lola. And of course we could never forget Bruiser the Chihuahua from the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon.



We recently spoke with Cathy from I Love My Chihuahua to give us the scoop on this cute little dog.


Cathy's Dog Kilo

Cathy’s Dog Kilo

How did your Chihuahua come to join your family?

My neighbor had a Chihuahua and she kept getting out. Over and over, I rescued that little “Chi” because she would just stand in the middle of the road and bark. She’s black and so cars would never see her in time. Finally my neighbors moved away and left her behind (gasp!). My son rescued her and wanted to keep her for himself, but Kilo decided I was to be her pet parent. She’s been a wonderful companion.

Kilo’s favorite toys are a stuffed giraffe and a talking babble ball. Other than those 2 things, she pretty much ignores toys. She does love burrowing under blankets (all Chihuahuas do, specially since they tend to be cold a lot).

Any Grooming Tips?

Chihuahuas are fairly easy when it comes to grooming. They do tend to have dental problems so brushing their teeth at least a few times a week will help prevent or minimize dental issues.

Chihuahuas do shed but not a lot compared to some other breeds. They come in smooth coat (short hair) and long haired. The long haired version does need brushing at least every other day. Other than clipping their nails when they need it, and a bath every 2-3 weeks, that’s all the grooming they need.

Dogsized friend and product tester - Brody

Dogsized friend and product tester – Brody


Many people think Chihuahuas are hard to train, but actually they’re not. The Chihuahua is highly intelligent. They tend to always try to be the Alpha in the house. So the trick is that you need to let them know that you are the Alpha, in a kind and loving way of course. Consistency is key with them. You can’t let them get away with something one time and not the next. Obedience training (for you and your dog) should be considered to ensure your Chihuahua becomes a well-behaved companion.

When taking your Chihuahua for a walk, we suggest you do not use a typical leash and collar. Because of their fragile necks, use a harness with their leash.

Because of their small size, they require little exercise and are good city dogs, but can be sensitive to cold temperatures.

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The French Bulldog – so cute and loved!

Mary-Kate Olsen with her Frenchie

Mary-Kate Olsen with her Frenchie

The beloved French Bulldog was bred originally as a “Toy Bulldog”, a lapdog or companion for ladies. The French Bulldog is also known by the other names: Frenchie and Bouledogue Francais.

Hugh Jackman Peaches

Hugh Jackman & Peaches

Frenchies are very playful and affectionate. They are loyal, loving, and wonderful companion dogs. While good at alerting their owners to danger, their main role is that of lap warmer. The Frenchie requires minimal exercise and are indoor dogs, but require air conditioning in warm weather.

There are quite a few celebrities that are pet parents to French Bulldogs. One of our favorite pairings is Hugh Jackman and his French Bulldog Dali. We’ve previously highlighted Hugh scootering around with Dali and taking her to the gym.

Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel

Reese Witherspoon & Coco Chanel

Mario Lopez & Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez.

Mario Lopez & Julio Cesar Chavez.

Reese Witherspoon has a French Bulldog named Coco Chanel. Victoria and David Beckham have a French Bulldog named Scarlett (including 3 other dogs).


Mary-Kate Olsen with her french bulldog. Martha Stewart has 2 French Bulldogs – Francesca and Sharkey. Christina Ricci has a Frenchie named Ramon. Mario Lopez found the love of his life – a French bulldog named Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez.

Martha Stewart with

Martha Stewart & her Frenchies

Now there are also two Frenchies that are famous in their own right. Manny The Frenchie has over 600k followers on Instagram.

There’s also Trotter, The Hipster French Bulldog, that has over 200k Instagram followers.


Trotter – The Hipster

We love Trotter’s super fashionable photos!


Luckily, the Frenchie has a short coat so it doesn’t require much brushing, but skin folds should be frequently cleansed. In the summer, you should make sure your dog has adequate sun protection (See our article Sunscreen for Dogs – They Need Protection Too!)

Already a proud French Bulldog parent? Here are some links to products that are great for Frenchies. We’ll fill this list up as we find more cool products for Frenchies (feel free to suggest some!).

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Labrador Retriever

Emily Blunt and her lab Finn

Emily Blunt & her lab “Finn”

We’re starting a new series of articles that are breed specific. Why? Dogsized is honing in on it’s name to give you content based on the “size” of your “dog”. We’re trying to get closer to your specific needs and figured we’d do some breed specific content. We’d greatly appreciate any input you have!!!

Jennifer Garner and her lab “Martha Stewart"

Jennifer Garner & her lab “Martha Stewart”

The Labrador Retriever is the #1 most popular dog in the U.S. according to the AKC. We just love the labs and think they’re one of the cutest. They’ve been featured in a number of movies, most notably “Marley”, in Marley and Me.

Labs are notorious swimmers, but what we didn’t know is that they have webbed toes and an otter-like tail that helps make them good swimmers. The tail also serves as rudder to help steer into the right direction.

According to Just Labradors, labs have a special hair coat which makes them waterproof. They have a double coat—the soft undercoat is weather-resistant and acts as an insulating layer that protects the dog from extreme cold, from getting wet, or from any type of terrain or ground cover while the dense straight outer coat is coarse reinforces the hair coat’s waterproof quality. The soft undercoat also allows the body’s natural oils to repel moisture.

Do you have a great story/stories to share about your lab? We’d love to hear them!

Does your lab have any favorite toys or other things? Please let us know!

Already a proud Labrador Retriever parent? Here are some links to products that are great for labs. We’ll fill this list up as we find more cool products for labs (feel free to suggest some!). I’m specifically wondering if there is a “tail guard” for coffee tables? With all that wagging, I’m sure there must be a lot of spillage.

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