Veterinary Grade Dog Shampoo for Itchy or Dry Skin


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Isle of Dogs Coature No. 12 Veterinary Grade Evening Primrose Oil Dog Shampoo for itchy or Dry Skin, 8.4 oz
A treatment-based coat care product designed to nourish your dog’s itchy, flaky or dry skin, while restoring healthy, natural beauty to the hair. The active ingredient that makes this product uniquely effective is Evening Primrose Oil, shown in clinical studies to correct dry skin not by covering over (occlusivity) but bay actually initiating fundamental structural change within the skin. Evening Primrose Oil is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid, which has been identified as the most important Essential Fatty Acid in balancing prostaglandins (regulatory molecules that influence inflammation) in dogs with atopic and allergic conditions. This “Rehab for Coats” (its nickname in the professional dog show world) is the richest, most concentrated treatment Isle of Dogs offers, infusing the coat with a substantially higher therapeutic dose of cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil than any product on the market. With each application, you dog is getting the incomparable active benefits of high levels of GLA and essential fatty acids. While this treatment was formulated for dogs with skin conditions, we encourage you to try it, even if your dog has a healthy coat. The radiance and softness of the hair and anti-aging benefits to the skin are unsurpassed in quality and results.
An ultra-rich, cosmeceutical treatment shampoo for dogs with skin conditions.
The highest concentration of essential fatty acid-rich Evening Primrose Oil available in any pet or human shampoo
This veterinary grade dog shampoo nourishes dry skin, soothes irritation and inflammation.
Adds weightless body and radiance to the coat
Improves luster and shine in dull or dry coats.

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