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The HappyDogz Deshedding Brush Easily Removes Your Pet’s Dead Undercoat

Hair shedding can be a tough problem for dog owners, but not any more thanks to the Magic Pro Deshedding Tool

* You will quickly and easily remove your dog’s loose hair and reduce shedding by up to 95%

* Works for both double and single coats

* 2 popular sizes available

No more constantly vacuuming your floor, or continually removing hair from your furniture, clothes and car.

The Magic Pro Deshedding Tool For Dogs and Cats was designed by a pet groomer and the many benefits include;

* Guaranteed to reduce shedding in dogs and cats in the first grooming session

* Gentle on your pet – will not damage their skin

* Ergonomic tool design for easy comfortable use

* Recommended by groomers & vets

You’ll be amazed at how much built up loose hair comes out from your dogs’ coat!

* No sharp blade

* Detangles hair as well as removing loose hair

* Exceptional value for money – used by pro groomers

* Designed to fit your hand comfortably

We are the genuine HappyDogz “Magic Pro Deshedding Tool” designer and manufacturer. Beware of cheap copies for sale by others copying our tool.


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REDUCES SHEDDING BY UP TO 95% – Say Goodbye to Dog Hair In Your House! – Recommended by Leading Veterinarians & Groomers.
SPECIAL SHEDDING BLADE Is Gentle On Your Dog’s Skin And Will Not Hurt Their Skin – Suitable For Both Single and Double Coats.
2 SIZES – See Size Options Above: Small to Medium is For Dogs Up to 50 Pounds in Weight – Medium to Large is For Dogs Greater Than 50 lbs in Weight.
10 YEAR REFUND GUARANTEE – Industry Leading 10 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee.
60% OFF Retail Price

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