Hurtta Pet Collection Raincoat

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The Hurtta Dog Raincoat gives protection, warmth and style and truly is a sight to behold.

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Rainy, windy, cold and damp conditions are not very pleasant for the human population, but imagine what it’s like for our canine friends.  Often they are only inches from the wet ground, being splashed by everything and everyone around them with nothing on for protection.  The Hurtta Pet Collection Raincoat gives protection, warmth and style and truly is a sight to behold.  Shades of light and dark red are separated by stark white piping, the material is subtly textured and has a slight shimmer to it.

The Hurtta brand logo adorns the back of the coat and the signature decorates the side in white cursive handwriting.  Even the fastening strap hasn’t escaped attention and is made to look good, a black strap with a red central stripe flagged on either side by tiny white rectangles.  The detailing on this coat is magnificent and it simply oozes style.

The Hurtta Pet Collection Raincoat has a length of twenty four inches, the girth and neckline both being adjustable to fit your dog.  The waist is adjustable by using the buckle fastener which is conveniently located on the back of the coat making it really simple to put on and take off.  To provide an even better fit the collared neckline can be adjusted too using the drawstring and toggle feature.  Both of these features ensure you get the perfect fit for your dog with no gaps to let the wind and rain in.

The all around design of the Hurtta raincoat provides your dog’s chest and abdomen with superb protection from the elements.  The material used for this garment is Houndtex which is both waterproof and breathable, so on those sunshine and shower days your dog will be suitably attired.  For safety and security 3M reflectors are incorporated on the coat for visibility in low light conditions.

Comes in different colors and sizes.