Dog Water Fountain by Dogit Design *

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This designer dog water fountain provides your dog with fresh, clean drinking water and eliminates stale, stagnant water.

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Dog Water Fountain by Dogit Design

Keeping your precious four legged friend supplied with fresh, clean drinking water is important.  All too often your dog’s water supply runs dry or becomes stagnant.  The Dog Water Fountain by Dogit Design provides your dog with a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water. The dog water fountain is contemporary and attractively designed with strong clean lines and will blend effortlessly into any décor either indoors or on your patio.  The ever present tinkling and burbling of the water in the fountain will make your home seem like a tropical oasis or calming spa.

The Dog Water Fountain is practical and well designed. It is has a large 338 fluid ounce capacity, encouraging your pet or pets to drink more water and so aid proper kidney function. The fountain’s outer wall insulates the cold water from outside heat. The water is continuously re-circulated which and aerates the water thus eliminating stale and stagnant water.  With its multi-stage filtration system, it will collect debris, food, hair, sediment and help to absorb water impurities. In low light the fountain is illuminated with an energy efficient LED bulb which looks fantastic and your pampered pooch can always quench his thirst. The elevated position provides a better ergonomic drinking position for your dog.

This dog water fountain, also known as the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain for Dogs, can be safely used both indoors and out. It is fitted with an outdoor certified transformer which is weather resistant and allows the fountain to operate outdoors come rain or shine.  The size of the dog water fountain is 10 ⅝” L x 9⅛” W x 9⅛” H

See this video which demonstrates the Dog Water Fountain by Dogit Design:

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