Majestic Pet Dog Stairs

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Majestic Pet Four Step Dog Stairs provides a great way for your small or older dog to get onto higher places in your home. Dog stairs have certain requirements in order for them to prove useful. They have to be safe and non slip, they have to be wide and sturdy so they don’t tip over and they need to be a decent size so they are fit for purpose. The Four Step Dog Stairs from Majestic Pet addresses all of these areas making it the perfect solution for any pet that needs help getting up onto furniture.

Small dogs or older infirm dogs often just can’t quite reach high furniture. And the last thing you want is for them to throw out their back trying to get on the bed or the couch. Dog stairs give back that little bit of dignity and independence to your dog. That nice comfortable space on the sofa or bed can now be his without him having to wait for you to lift him. Dog stairs are beneficial for you too as they prevent any possible back injury you may incur from constantly lifting your pet.

The Four Step Dog Stairs are constructed from high density polyurethane foam for durability. The lightweight foam allows the pet ramp to be easily maneuvered. It also has a durable micro suede cover which can be removed and is machine washable. The micro suede material provides extra grip preventing your dog from slipping. The Majestic Pet Four Step Dog Stairs have been expertly designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials in the USA. It’s soft yet durable and gives your dog that much needed leg up to hard to reach places ensuring your pet is happy and confident in his new found independence. The dimensions of the dog stairs are 16” wide, 24” deep and 16” high.