Isle of Dogs Dog Shampoo for White Coats

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Our canine friends are often our best friends; they are with us every step of the way through good times and bad.  Our dogs bring us joy and happiness and deserve to be treated and pampered and it is our duty to make them feel loved and special.  As with humans if your dog is not looking his best he will not feel at his best.  It is important therefore to purchase a dog shampoo that is made especially for your dog’s particular type or color of hair.

Now a white dog can be particularly challenging, especially those little scamps that love to roll around in the mud, or even those with longer hair that are naturally low to the ground.  Dog hair can get excessively dirty and with a white dog it shows up only too well.  Some dog shampoos just can’t cope and leave your dog’s hair dry and his skin irritable and itching.

The Isle of Dogs, Dog Shampoo for White Coats has been specially formulated for the white haired dog.  This dog shampoo produces a whiter, cleaner coat without the use of harsh chemicals; it contains no dye yet brings out the subtle highlights in white or cream colored coats.  Optical enhancers refract light off the hair and radiate shine and the exquisite scent provides long lasting freshness.

This dog shampoo has added Evening Primrose Oil to maintain the optimum moisture balance resulting in a sleek, silky coat and the prevention or relief of dry skin and itching.  The dog shampoo is infused with the signature scent of Maldives Villa which captures the essence of the breeze and white beaches of a sunset walk with your dog.  The Isle of Dogs, Dog Shampoo for White Coats comes in a one liter no frills bottle with a dispenser pump provided. It’s also available in smaller and larger sizes.

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