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Transporting your dog has never been easier with this convenient two door top loading pet kennel. The Dog Kennel by Petmate is the more traditional box type of dog carrier.  If you want sturdy, durable and a product that is built to last then this dog kennel is ideal for you. Every pet parent will love these trendy dog kennels, which makes transporting your dog with ease, comfort and style a given.

The exterior is made of strong durable plastic with a two tone color arrangement separating the top from the bottom.  It is available in a choice of two ever popular colors to suit your own personal style.  The uppermost half sports water droplet shaped holes on three sides for maximum ventilation.  There are two easy access doors available giving twice as many choices in how you load and unload your pet.

The top opening door allows you to just pick up your pet and drop it gently inside without fuss or bother, whilst the front door can be used when your pet is feeling more amenable and he can walk right in.  The front door of the Dog Kennel by Petmate is constructed of steel wire which is secured with an easy to use latch.

The combination of sturdy plastic and steel wire construction improves strength, safety and visibility.  This is a robust design utilizing strong wing nut and bolt assembly.  The carry handle is located on the top of the dog kennel but you can be assured that the door will remain closed due to its robust construction.

The trendy color combinations available are metallic pearl tan with coffee ground bottom and metallic pearl ash blue with coffee ground bottom.  The dimensions of the dog kennel are: 24 x 16.8 x 14.5 inches.

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