Electronic Dog Door by PetSafe

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This award-winning electronic dog door by SmartDoor recognizes the SmartKey tag on your dog’s collar and unlocks the dog door.

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Electronic Dog Door by PetSafe

A dog door is a must for all pet owners especially for those owners that spend some time out of the home. A dog door allows your dog to independently go into the back yard should he need or want to do so. But how do you stop all those other neighborhood pets from also strolling through your dog door? The Electronic Dog Door by PetSafe is the answer to this problem, it grants your dog exclusive access to your home whilst locking out unwanted visitors.

The Electronic Dog Door by PetSafe uses award-winning technology to effectively restrict access to your home. Pesky neighborhood pets without the SmartKey will be left out in the cold! There are three modes of use for this door; locked; unlocked; and automatic access. When the SmartDoor is set to automatic mode it recognizes the SmartKey tag on your dog’s collar and unlocks the door. Once your dog has passed through the dog door it is re-locked automatically, the flap locks either when your dog enters or leaves your home. The lightweight SmartKey fits snugly onto all types of dog’s collar. In order for the door to unlock, the dog has to be within range of the sensor, the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by up to three feet. The Dog Door itself has a Plexiglas flap, and is tapered to create a tighter, energy efficient seal. The two layer polycarbonate door is weather resistant and prevents discoloration from the elements.

The Electronic Dog Door by PetSafe comes complete with one SmartKey; others can be purchased separately for up to five pets. The large door accommodates dogs up to 100 lbs and can be fitted to standard doors of 1.5 – 2” thick. It also comes in a smaller size. With 250 different door codes to choose from you can be assured that yours is unique among the neighborhood.