Dog Crate End Table

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This dog crate end table combines both style and functionality for your home and your dog.

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Dog Crate End Table by Merry Products

The Dog Crate End Table turns an ordinary pet crate into an attractive and functional side table for your home by combining both style and functionality. A great solution to having the functionality of a dog crate, but the appearance of a lovely side table.

The Dog Crate End Table by Merry Products (they call it a Cage with Crate Cover Set) is two products in one: a black powder-coated fully functional freestanding steel crate and a Mahogany brown elegantly designed solid wood cover. It has a removable plastic tray at the bottom for easy cleaning. The crate comes with a removable stainless steel crate divider which allows for partitioning of the interior space for successful crate training of your puppies.

Panels cover the main components of the crate giving the crate a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance resulting in a stylish side table for your living room, family room and/or bedroom. The dog crate end table has a solid top so personal items can be easily stored on the top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside.

This remarkable dog crate end table comes in three different sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. Extremely easy assembly and dis-assembly, no hardware is required.