Car Seat Cover for Pets by Motor Trend


Car Seat Cover for dogs by Motor Trend – the ideal solution to keep the interior of your car clean and your dog happy.

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Car Seat Cover for Pets by Motor Trend

Muddy dog paws and shedding fur are just two of the problems a car seat cover will alleviate when you take your pets out for a ride in your car. The Motor Trend PetEgo Car Seat Cover designed for rear seats banishes these problems in an instant.  If your dog  goes everywhere with you and you want him to be able to stretch out in comfort regardless of how dirty he is or how much he sheds, then a car seat cover is the ideal solution to keep the interior of your car safe and pristine.

The Motor Trend car seat cover is constructed of an extremely durable polyester “canvas” type material which is resistant to the pawing and scratching of sharp claws. It is also easily cleaned either by vacuuming or just by wiping it down. The underside of the car seat cover is made with an anti skid mesh preventing the car seat cover from moving around. The loose corners are solidly anchored to your car seat using two ingenious neoprene belts, which are adjustable to fit most vehicle makes and models.  Even if you have an older type model car without headrests, the adjustable belts are long enough to fit around the seat ‘shoulder’ keeping the car seat cover in place. It is simple to use and can be fitted in seconds.  Conversely it is easily removed for cleaning or when you have human passengers to accommodate.  The car seat cover is grey so will fit with any vehicle interior and it comes in various sizes.

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