Car Dog Carrier by PetEgo


This Car Dog Carrier is a lightweight but super-strong fabric kennel that provides a smart and stylish solution to traveling freely with your pets.

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Car Dog Carrier by PetEgo


When traveling by car with your beloved pets, it is imperative for your safety and theirs that they are adequately secured.  The PetEgo Pet Tube Car Kennel, designed by Emanuele Bianchi, is a very innovative and adaptable car dog carrier.

The Pet Tube Car Kennel by PetEgo is lightweight and effortlessly portable.  It is made of super strong, durable, claw proof fabric.  This car dog carrier is a kennel shaped like a tube which fits into almost any car, truck or SUV.   It uses three adjustable straps to anchor securely to any rear standard car seat giving you complete peace of mind. Its tubular shape allows your pet the freedom to move while the pet tube stays still.  You can even have your windows wide open allowing your pet to get fresh air safe with the assurance he can’t jump out.

There are two versions available: large and small. The large version can be used partially at either one or two thirds of its total length. This option allows the use of both the large and small version which can both comfortably share the back seat or even leave space for a human passenger! When you have finished using your car dog carrier, it quickly collapses flat and the ends zip together for easy storage in the trunk. There are no laborious set up procedures – just unzip and it is ready for instant use. Pet hairs are contained inside the pet tube car kennel which is easy to vacuum or wipe down.

This car dog carrier provides a smart and stylish solution to traveling freely with your pets whatever their size.  The large size measures 24 inches by 47 inches and the smaller one 18 inches by 18 inches.

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