Before 8:00am on a Sunday? I’m staying in bed!


“My mom is crazy…she’s gone off to run in some race which starts at 8:00am today. Doesn’t she know it’s not warm enough to do something like that? I’m cuddling up and going back to bed. I just love the Hotel Collection bedding.”

Central Park Dog Map – find dog friendly areas

central park dog map

Central Park is a great place to take your dog, but there are a lot of places in the park where you cannot take him or her.

Luckily there is a Central Park dog map of all the dog friendly locations in the park:

Dog-Friendly-Areas-Map  (click link and it will open up in a .pdf)

Where can I find a dog park in NYC?

where can I find a dog park in NYC

If you are new to NYC or have a new pup, you might be wondering where to find a dog park in NYC?

Fortunately, there are loads of dog parks in NYC and new ones are also popping up.

NYC Parks has a listing of dog parks by borough or search by zipcode at:

We have noticed that some newer dog parks in Lower Manhattan are missing from the list:

FiDi District:  Wall Street and South Street

Battery Park: World Financial Center / next to North Cove Marina and Gateway Plaza

Battery Park: Corner of 3rd Pl and Little West Street

Battery Park: North End Avenue and Warren Street

Another good dog run/park list with interactive map is:

DogGoes.com: New York Dog Parks

Dog Love – Dog Owners Will Understand (2 of 3)

Dog Love

It Continues…See More Amazing Dog Love Photos Dog Love




Thanks to One Stop Humour for these amazing photos!