Serena Williams with Chip and Lorelei

serena williamsSerena Williams was back in Spain for the Madrid Open with her best friends Chip and Lorelei. You can see them all out for a stroll with Serena’s trainer and the physiotherapist, Esther Lee. The fashionista is carrying a very cute pink dog bag. We think it might be a pink Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier.

Serena was back to defend her women’s champion title from last year, only to have to withdraw due to an aggravated thigh strain just before her quarter-final against Petra Kvitova. She flew straight to Italy, where she hopes a first-round bye will give her time to recover in time for the Rome Masters.

serena williams

Chelsea Handler Makes Dog Food to Save Dogs

Chelsea-Handler-dog-for-dogWe love Chelsea Handler over here at Dogsized. On July 18, 2013, Snoop Dog/Snoop Lion and Chelsea Handler announced on Chelsea Lately that they’re creating a new dog food that is also edible for humans (Chelsea demonstrates).

For each bag of dog food sold, they’ll donate one to a dog shelter which helps to save dogs lives. What a great initiative! The brand is Dog for Dog.

Update: March 13, 2014, Dog for Dog won New Products Showcase Awards – Dog Best in Show at the Global Pet Expo. Congrats!


Mariah Carey and her Pampered Jack Russell Terriers

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and The Good Reverend Pow Jackson

We knew that Mariah Carey lives a pampered over the top life, but we didn’t know she had 8 Jack Russell Terriers that share this luxurious life with her. Last May, she brought home three more Jack Russell Terriers to join the five she already had (named Jill E. Beans, Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, Squeak E. Beans, and JJ). Mariah Carey asked her Twitter followers to help name the new pups and the winning names were The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Pipitty L. Jackson, and Mutley P. Gore Jackson the 3rd. Despite having a lot of help, that’s a mouth full for eight puppies. We’re hoping they have nicknames too.

Here’s Mariah introducing The Good Reverend Pow Jackson on a private jet. Allegedly, Mariah used to insist on flying her Jack Russell terrier, Jack, in a first class seat, until he grew too big. Now he either goes by private jet – “Jack lives on a private jet,” twitters Mariah – or by chauffeur-driven Mercedes. She has been known to have him driven the full 2,461 miles between her homes in Los Angeles and New York. We’re sure she can now fit all eight of them on the private jet.

Mariah Carey Jill E Beans

Jill E Beans wants a luxury bath too!

Clearly sometimes the pups want to be even more pampered than planned. As Mariah is taking a luxurious bath to prep for a romantic Valentine’s evening with her husband Nick Cannon, Jill E Beans decides to jump in and join mom. Mariah tweets “Aaaah! Jill E Beans leaps to the tub in hopes of a splash champagne – whhhhy?!” Jill E Beans clearly has “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”.

Mariah Carey dog snow

A Mariah Carey Tradition

Last but not least, Mariah will go out of her way to please her pups. Apparently, walking her pups in the snow in a bikini is a (Christmas???) tradition – she posted this photo on Instagram. I love my dog, Kobi, but no way would I be walking him in a bikini in the snow…that’s just way to cold!

Luckily for the Mariah fans out there, she’s happy to share her life on social media. In November 2013, Mariah Carey and her 8 pups won the Most Stylish Pet on Instagram at InStyle’s first Social Media Awards , recognizing the best bloggers, YouTuber’s tweeters, Instagramers, and pinners in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and celebrity. I’m sure these eight Jack Russell Terriers are the envy of many other dogs (and humans) out there, except for perhaps, Oprah’s five dogs.



Puppy Bowl – Watch It Right Before the Super Bowl!

puppy bowlPeople are starting to get riled up for the Super Bowl – but for you dog lovers, it also means it’s time for the tenth annual Puppy Bowl! This is clearly one of the cutest things you’ll ever see on TV and it’s on right before the Super Bowl.
Never seen the Puppy Bowl before? Well let us give you the scoop:

  • The most adorable puppies play football against each other just like the humans do – only it’s much cuter, funnier and very uncoordinated.
  • Are there cheerleaders? Yes!
    Hedgehogs are on the sidelines with pom-poms to cheer on their teams.
  • Is there a halftime show? You bet! There’s a Kitty Half-Time Show – the puppies leave the field and a large scratching post is brought out with a wide variety of kittens. The show features kittens playing with lights, laser pens, balls of yarn, a scratching post and a wide variety of other colorful toys .
  • Sideline reporter “Meep the Bird” tweets lives updates throughout the game.
  • There’s even a blimp driven by hamster pilots!

puppy bowlPuppy Bowl is filmed inside a miniature “stadium” that is 19 feet long by 10 feet wide. There is a height and weight limit for the puppies due to the size limitations of the play area. Some cameras are placed inside toys and water bowls to give a puppy’s-eye view of the action. All the puppies come from shelters. You can check out this year line up at: http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/puppy-bowl/photos/x-starting-lineup.htm


The Puppy Bowl does have different rules than the Super Bowl in that the puppies are given a wide variety of chew-toys and bones to play with and they are free to tackle, bite and do as they wish…ok – I guess human football players do a lot of that too. Missed a play? They have loads of replays and a “cute cam” so you don’t miss an adorable second!

Save the date!
Puppy Bowl – Feb. 2nd 3pm ET on Animal Planet
Super Bowl – Feb. 2nd 6:20pm ET on CBS